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​​​​Boarding Policy & Owner Agreement

Please read about our policy here at Wagging Tail Ranch and sign your agreement  located on the Boarding Information Form, prior to staying at Wagging Tail Ranch


Boarding Policy 


Wagging Tail Ranch LLC strives to provide the best care for all our guests.  The following policies are to ensure or guests receive the best care possible in a healthy and safe environment. 


ADMISSION:  All Pets must be in good general health.  We reserve the right to deny admittance to any pets lacking proof of vaccinations, and/or pets displaying signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions, and/or aggressive behavior.  Pets in heat will not be accepted.


Puppies will be accepted as long as we receive documentation of their first two sets of puppy vaccinations.  All puppies should receive final vaccinations by 16 weeks of age.  Must have doctors consent otherwise.


Prior to participating in any social activity, dogs must be spayed or neutered, temperament tested and approved.  Approved dogs may have social privileges revoked if their behavior changes and they become aggressive or dominant.


Wagging Tail Ranch reserves the right to charge handling fees for excessively difficult or aggressive pets requiring additional staff and/or additional time in order that we may deliver proper care for your pet.


VACCINATIONS:  All dogs and cats must be current on all vaccinations and must provide proof of vaccinations prior to staying at Wagging Tail Ranch LLC.  For dogs, we require rabies, distemper and bordetella (kennel cough).  Cats must have current vaccinations for rabies and distemper.  All animals are encouraged to have a stool sample checked annually for parasites.


FOOD:  We serve Nutri Source Grain Free Dog Food, which is a dry kibble food, to those guests requiring house dog food.  We encourage owners to provide their own food as it would be what their pet is use to eating. We want to maintain the dietary choices you've made and this helps ensure a comfortable transition from your home to the ranch and back home again.  


MEDICATIONS:  All medications supplied by owners must be clearly labeled with the pet's name, name of medication, dosage, and reason for medication.


CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT:  ALL DROP OFF/PICKUPS ARE DONE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please let us know if the time changes from what was previously scheduled. 


OFFICE HOURS: Wagging Tail Ranch LLC will be open Monday thru Saturday7am-6pm, and Sunday from 4-6pm.  All drop off and pickup appointments should be made during these hours only.


HOLIDAYS:  We may be closed to the public or have limited hours on certain holidays.  Please refer to our website or call for our holiday hours.


CANCELLATION POLICY:  All Reservations must be secured by a Valid Credit Card. We require at least 48 hours' notice for cancellations or schedule changes.  A cancellation made within the 48 hours prior to the scheduled stay will result in the owner being charged a $20.00 Cancellation Fee.  Please see our cancellation policy located on our website for more details.    


DAMAGES:  Any property damaged made by the pet during the pets stay will be billed and paid for by the pets owner. 


EMERGENCIES: In case of an emergency we will contact you or your listed emergency contact.  We will use our on call emergency Veterinary Hospital for emergency treatment. 


*New Policy Change*

COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES: Dogs staying seven or more nights have the option of receiving a complimentary bath.  Complimentary baths are given only with owner's approval and at staff discretion. Occasionally we are unable to bathe certain dogs due to size, coat type, or temperament. All dog kennels are accommodated with blankets/cots, and stainless steel dishes.


Owner Agreement


This is an agreement between Wagging Tail Ranch LLC and the pet owner whose signature appears below (hereinafter called "owner").


1. Owner agrees to pay the rate for pet care provided on the date the pet is checked out of Wagging Tail Ranch LLC.


2. Owner understands and agrees that they are solely responsible for any harm or damages caused by their pet(s) while at Wagging Tail Ranch and agrees to pay for said harm and damages in full.


3. Owner understands and agrees that in admitting their pet(s), Wagging Tail Ranch LLC has relied on their representation that their pet(s) are in good health and have not been ill with any communicable condition in the last 60 days.  Owner further certifies that their pet(s) have not harmed or shown aggression or threatening behavior towards any person or other pets.


4. Owner understands and agrees that Wagging Tail Ranch LLC and its staff will not be liable for any problems that develop, provided reasonable care and precautions are followed and Owner hereby releases them of any liability of any kind whatsoever arising from their pet(s) stay at Wagging Tail Ranch.


5. Owner Understands that if their pet(s) appear to be ill or hurt, Wagging Tail Ranch LLC will engage the services of a Veterinarian at the owner's expense, give other requisite attention, and make whatever decisions are required for the pets veterinary treatment.  Owner assumes full financial responsibility for any and all expenses involved.  Owner will not hold Wagging Tail Ranch LLC liable for failure to seek veterinary attention or for decisions made under this agreement. 


6.  Owner understands "off-leash" areas are used not without some risk of injury.  While the designated areas are fenced in, no fence is airtight.  Wagging Tail Ranch LLC. is not responsible for any dog that is able to escape the fenced in areas.


7. Owner understands that an interactive play setting is not without some risk of injury, that despite all the dogs appearing healthy and being handled with the greatest amount of care and foresight, dogs are not always predictable and the unexpected may occur. Owner recognizes that benefits of an interactive playgroup are valuable, and accepts the potential risks.