Cat Boarding



​Cat Boarding at the Ranch​

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During your cat's stay, our goal is to create an atmosphere that is close to home.

Cats don't often adjust well to change, which is why it is so important to help them feel at home while you are away. sunny.jpg

We have two Cat Suites for your pet, where they will be given the opportunity to play and have fun in their own room.

Suite 1 has a large sit-in window, giving cats the opportunity to bask in the sun and watch birds.  Suite 2 has a interior window with a view through the first suite to the exterior window.  The rooms are fully carpeted.



Cat Boarding Requirements:


- For Your pets safety, All cats must provide proof of vaccinations for Distemper and Rabies, and be friendly.  


-Prior to boarding reservation please fill out Boarding Information form. 


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-Every suite has comfy blankets, a litter box, and various levels of entertainment.  


-We encourage owners to bring their pet's regular food to help prevent gastric upset which can be caused by sudden food change.


-All your pet's medications and vitamins shouldbe in a Daily Drug Planner.

-Insulin injections and diabetes management: Please make sure insulin and syringes are provided for our experienced staff to administer on a set schedule.