Dog Boarding


​​​Dog Boarding at the Ranch

All dogs are encouraged to have a Tail Wagging Good Time!

During your pets stay at Wagging Tail Ranch, you have the option of having your pet stay in a Luxury Suite or one of our traditional Bunkhouse kennels.


~Luxury Suites~


~Bunkhouse Kennels~

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Boarding Requirements:

-Prior to the boarding reservation please fill out our Boarding Information Form Online or our printable version here.



-For your pets safety, we require all pets at our facility to have current vaccinations.  All dogs must provide proof of vaccinations for



-Bordetella (Kennel Cough)


-It is recommended that all pets have a fecal sample checked each year.


-When booking reservations, it is important that your dog receive his kennel cough/bordetella vaccination at least two weeks prior to boarding. A kennel cough vaccination is much like the flu shot for a human in that, after vaccination there is the possibility that the dog will contract a mild form of the strain. As a result, your dog may be contagious for two weeks after vaccination. Read more about kennel cough and vaccination issues at the ASPCA website.


-Owners will be given the option to allow their pet to participate in group playtime at no extra charge (behavior permitting).  Dogs that act aggressively or are unpredictable will be exercised individually.