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​Luxury Suites

We have 7 Luxury Suites to better accomodate your pet.  

Our Suites allow your pet to have the comforts of home and the privacy of having their own room.  Each Suite has ceramic tile flooring, full glass door, and some have window views, and furnished with a large raised bed, comfy blankets and pillows.

To Reserve a Suite, dogs must be housebroken, quiet, and friendly. Dogs must not be excessive barkers,  chewers, diggers, or jumpers.  If a dog is being destructive in the Suite, we reserve the right to move them to the bunk house and the owner will be charged for damages.  

Ranch Suite (6'x8') $28/night/1st dog  $25/night/2nd dog
Cowboy Suite (8'x8')  $30/night/1st dog    $25/night/2nd dog
*Discount only applies if the dogs share a Suite


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